When you are recruiting talent, are you searching for candidates who fit objective criteria? This is one common mistake across sales organizations when growing their sales teams. Although you do want to make sure you have a qualified candidate, you also want to make sure you are recruiting sales people who are looking for the same culture and environment that you are investing in as a company. 

In this week’s episode, I share with you the best practices when recruiting talent to find candidates who will be long term invested in the culture of your company, not just on sales. 


“If we’re just selling salary, then don’t be surprised when somebody decides to move because someone else pays them a little more salary. But if they’re aligned with our culture, they’re likely to want to stick around, because it’s going to feed them in ways that go beyond just their salary”

“So remember when we’re recruiting, we’re in essence selling our culture and if we don’t sell our culture, then all we’re selling is salary.”

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