Are you doing your research before reaching out to potential connections on LinkedIn or are you making the common mistake of sending mass messages? When reaching out to potential clients, you want to make sure you are not only making a genuine connection but have also properly done the research just as you would before hopping on a sales call. You want to make sure you are reaching out to share your expertise to help them and not connecting with a client just to sell.

LinkedIn is a marathon, not a sprint and you want to treat each connection in the same way. In this week’s episode, I share how you can use Linkedin to build your connections genuinely and achieve better results. 


“LinkedIn is not a sprint, it’s a marathon”

“If you don’t do your research in advance, it reflects poorly on you and your business. If you take a more disciplined approach, if you think about who can I help the most, you then reach out to those people not proactively about sales opportunities, but take more interest in what they’re doing.”

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