Customer experience is important for retaining clients. When something goes wrong, it actually opens an opportunity to deliver a great experience for the customer. The recovery you have can better the experience the customer has when working with you. 

We can all learn something when things don’t go right, we have a choice to recover and make a positive impact or neglect the problem and lose trust with our clients. In addition, we can also do small things with little cost to make the customer experience that much better even when things are going to plan. In this week’s episode, I share with you my experience with great and bad customer service on my recent trip to Italy. Throughout these experiences there was one underlying theme, customer experience is very important and recovery when something goes wrong is key. 


“Recognize that when something doesn’t go well, it actually can present an opportunity to deliver an amazing experience. Namely, sometimes when you make a recovery, it actually creates a better experience than if everything had just gone kind of as expected from the beginning.”

“Take that time to give that extra bit of attention, that extra bit of follow through and you can create a remarkable experience for your customers. It doesn’t necessarily cost money. It just requires you to focus time and attention.”

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