Have you ever had a potential client come to you and say, “we spoke before about what your company does, we are ready to buy, just send us a quote and we will get right back to you because we are excited to start”? Afterward, you hang up the phone pumped thinking you just scored an easy win and after you send the quote, they go silent. 

All the sudden, you are confused about what happened since they said themselves they were ready to buy and now you are left with the dreaded followup. So what went wrong? 

In this episode, I share with you how to qualify leads to truly understand their problems, their urgency and how you will help them achieve their desired results. When you take the discipline to find out what your potential client is trying to solve and if you do need to follow up you know exactly how you can serve their needs. 


“Take the discipline to find out more about what it is they’re trying to solve, to make sure they’re gonna get the results that will give you an opening to navigate to the Quadrants to make sure you fully understand what they’re doing, and you can best serve their needs. And when you do that your follow up can be based on their needs, not what it is you’re trying to sell.”

“The trap that we fell into is that we didn’t ask the discipline questions to fully understand their needs, their goals, the results are looking for who else needs to be involved? Instead, we just said, okay fine, we’re gonna send you this information.”

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