Proposals are an old school way of thinking. Now hear me out, if you could bypass the proposal stage and go right to an agreement, would you do it? In this week’s episode, I share with you how you can let go of the need to always send a proposal and start working towards a negotiation and agreement with a potential client. 

Instead of sharing your ideas on how you can solve their problems, this method helps you to uncover their true needs, urgency and the exact approach you’d take to solve their problems. Using this approach allows you to skip the proposal stage, move into an agreement and generate better results.


“Avoid the temptation. Avoid the old school method of sending proposals. Instead, have these conversations agree on the principles and then send an agreement that they can execute, and you cut out a step that isn’t necessary.”

“The major difference between a proposal and an agreement is that the proposal is basically signaling to your client, here’s the idea that we have, do you want to negotiate some of this?”

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