Are you selling instead of solving?

selling over solving

Picture this. You walk into a store and the hyper-ambitious salesperson walks up to you and asks, “May I help you?” What’s your response going to be? For most of us, the response is something along the lines of “No thanks, just looking”. Why do we give that response? Is it because we think that…

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Why B2B Clients Focus on Price

B2B clients Same Side Selling Academy

One recurring theme that keeps coming up in our Same Side Selling Academy’s Coach’s Corner each month is why B2B clients focus on price so much. Maybe you have a client where all they seem to care about is price. Let’s talk about why that happens. There are three distinct reasons that lead our clients…

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Are You Pushing the Right Amount for Business Growth?

business growth same side selling academy

Are you pushing the right amount for your business growth? We’ve all been on the receiving end of people working really hard to try to grow their businesses. It’s all with the best of intentions. What often happens is we hear from people trying to sell us stuff who say things like: Hey, I’d love…

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