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If companies like Zappos and Google are committed to exceptional customer experience shouldn't you be too? There's one man they go to, a man who has his finger on the pulse and his name is Joey Coleman. And he joins us on this episode of Grow My Revenue.

Joey is the head of Design Symphony and is a branding, design and customer service enthusiast. During our chat we talk about those topics, specifically why your business should spend money on customer experience, the six key ways to be memorable in your customer's eye, and why being different today is one of the most interesting things you can do in the marketplace.

Listen to this episode and discover:

- What's the fastest way to increase your bottom line?
- What comes first: a happy customer or a happy employee?
- Joey's favorite airlines and what it will teach you about customer service.
- Who are coupons really presents for?
- Why "spraying and praying" doesn't work.
- And so much more…

Episode Overview

Joey has a love of customer experience, branding and design that fuels his days now. But his background is vast: he's been a criminal defense attorney and has worked for the Secret Service and the CIA. Today he comes to us from his home on a mountaintop in the middle of nowhere in Colorado.

We talk about the top three reasons he believes companies should be investing in customer experience, the six keys to creating a truly memorable experience for all of your customers, and the greatest lessons he's learned about business throughout his career and his life.

When it comes to investing in customer service, customer relations and customer experience Joey sees time and time again with his clients that this is how you stand out in the marketplace now. Over the years various companies have embraced other ways to make themselves top leaders, but today more than anything the experience your customer has is going to be a determining factor in how well you do.

And because so much is riding on it it is his first reason to invest money in that area. His second is it's the fastest way to see growth in your bottom line. When your customers have a great experience with you they tell everyone about you, they become your outsourced sales team and increase revenue and profits!

The third reason Joey gives to invest in your customer experience is you'll enjoy your work more. When you know you are creating something positive and memorable for others your love for what you do will only grow, and the same goes for your employees.

Joey goes on to explain what comes first: the happy customer or the happy employee? He gives an answer that you'll have to tune in to hear. But he does give us some key ways to create an experience with your customers, including the three ways most companies are doing this and three ways very few companies are.

The obvious ways and the ways most companies connect today are email, phone and in person. But we spend far more time talking about the two less obvious ways to connect: physical mail, and video.

When's the last time you sent a customer something in the mail? Or what about creating a short video just to say hi and check in with your customer? If you're like most companies you haven't done either of those lately, or perhaps not at all.

On today's show Joey goes on to explain why "selfie" videos are far more effective than a glossy studio production, why snail mail is such a surprise today, as well as what his 30 day challenge is and why it's worth doing. Strap on your seat belts and listen in while Joey takes you on an incredible journey through the world of exceptional customer service to help you grow your revenue.

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