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You've been told the majority of communication is non-verbal and to read someone's body language for the full picture. But have you ever tried to read someone's physicality, only to get it terribly wrong? Our guest for today's show will explain why, and how to make sure that doesn't happen again.

Joining us is world-renowned body language expert, Mark Bowden. Mark is the founder of TRUTHPLANE®, where he and his team work with CEOs, politicians and other notable leaders. He's also written three books on body language, and was voted the #1 expert in the world on that topic!

Today he'll share some of the major misconceptions about body language, as well as how to establish trust and how not to. This is another episode you'll learn a ton from so tune in and get ready!

Listen to this episode and discover:

· Why sales scripts don't work.
· The importance of staying curious and why it wins trust.
· Why our brain isn't a knowledge system, and instead, what it is.
· What part of the body is the "truth plane"?
· How to look at a broader context than just someone's body language.
· And so much more!

Episode Overview

As one of the leading body language experts to ever grace his field, Mark Bowden has experienced a lot of misconceptions about the subject when working with his clients and speaking to the public.

The biggest one he sees is people trying to read others' body language based on the books, videos and other data out there. He says you have a 50/50 shot at interpreting their body communication correctly, at best.

Take, for example, someone standing with their arms crossed. Most advice you read would tell you this means the person is unapproachable, cut off and uncomfortable. But it truly can vary depending on the situation, so examine the context.

Mark says crossed arms could mean anything from the person is cold to they are tired, but trying to stay engaged in the conversation. Arms crossed can mean engagement under pressure of any other variety as well. You have to examine the context as well as the role you are playing with that context. Get curious, ask questions and look at other cues.

We also dissect the topic of trust and how body language plays a role in whether or not your prospect (or anyone else) trusts you. As you know, without trust sales aren't made. And without credibility, trust doesn't happen. To be credible with someone, Mark explains, means they trust you and believe what you tell them.

Your prospects know you are credible based on your body language. Our reptilian brain, the part responsible for our survival, sizes up others almost immediately upon sight. It's about the space the other person takes up, how they speak, and the behavior before words are even spoken.

A relevant example of this is the topic of disarming, something discussed often on this show. You and your sales team want to mimic the behaviors of someone buying - NOT someone selling. Your prospects will copy that behavior. But, if you act like a seller they will be turned off and try to push away.

The physical example of this is what you do with your hands. If you raise them at your chest or above, and become animated, you'll come across as a pushy sales person. Your prospect will most likely be turned off.

But if you lower your hand to your belly, and start using open palm gestures, you will come across as calm, assertive, credible and the leader in charge. Your prospects will look to you for your counsel, they will want to follow you and your suggestions. You can build on this by becoming curious, ask the question of whether this will work for them or not. They will ask the same questions.

That's just a sampling of the insightful wisdom Mark brings to this episode of Grow My Revenue. Tune in to hear all of that and more - including the most surprising thing he's discovered about prime ministers, Fortune 500 CEOs and the other experts he works with!

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