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By nature, if you're like most people, you can't wait to hear a yes. But our guest on today's episode is an expert on why going for no is equally important in the business world. Andrea Waltz is the best-selling co-author of Go For No and she's a notable international speaker on the subject.

Today we'll talk about why no is not a bad word, the biggest misconceptions she sees among sales people and how to strike a balance between going for no and being pushy. We will also dive into quantity versus quality, and how you must marry both to be effective in your sales conversations, and we wrap up with one suggestion she has for you to implement the go for no strategy right now.

Andrea is a treasure trove of information, and she's also a lot of fun! Listen in for yourself on this edition of Grow My Revenue.

Listen to this episode and discover:

· How to get permission to follow up after a no.
· What is one of the hottest topics in selling, according to Andrea?
· How to marry quantity and quality when making sales presentations.
· Is it good to get a quick no?
· Why setting "no goals" helps people get into action.
· And so much more!

Episode Overview

Andrea Waltz is known around the world as an expert on the topic of no. She's trained and spoken with audiences in every corner of the globe on how to go for no, and why it's important to having successful sales conversations.

But something not everyone knows about her is that she holds a degree in Criminal Justice. She wanted to be a crime scene investigator, way before CSI, NCIS, or any of those other crime scene shows became popular! We joke about that before diving into the biggest misconceptions she sees people have in the sales world today.

She sees a lot of anxiety about picking up the phone, making calls, etc. But that's something she primarily sees with entrepreneurs, that fear of the sales call. With sales people, the biggest issue she sees is making assumptions about outcomes, and about the actions they are taking.

Part of the go for no message is taking risks and not making classic assumptions like, "We're not big enough for that client so I won't even contact them." Or, "We haven't done enough to work with a client like them."

Andrea encourages you to follow the go for no philosophy by getting clear on the clients you could go after versus the clients you think you deserve to be going after. She also encourages you to not just call the low-hanging fruit that will definitely say yes. Stop playing it safe and go for the big client. Wherever you are in the corporate sales ladder, don't let that stop you from calling on a CEO or the head of sales at your potential client – go for the big no.

And you can do so easier with this two-prong approach. First, reframe how you perceive failure and success in your sales conversations. If you are seeing the word no as a failure, change that perspective and begin to see it as a jumping off point. Andrea explains how to do so during our conversation.

Second, create a no awareness. If you are not hearing no ever, then you are just taking orders and getting the low-hanging fruit. You can be more than that! Going for no is about going out and trying to hear a no. Make it a goal for yourself, whether it is one a day or 10 a week, and then see what happens as you go after that goal.

And when you are going for the no, she has advice on how to do so without being a pushy sales person. Listen in to today's show to hear what it is along with her strategy to combine quality and quantity in your sales conversations. You won't want to miss a bit of this episode, tune in now to catch it all!

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