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You know how important content marketing is to your success, but how do you actually use it as a tool to build trust? Joining us to answer that question and others is my great friend and two-time visitor to the show, Marcus Sheridan. Marcus is a best-selling author of several books, and is also the quintessential case study in successful content marketing.

I'm bringing him back because he is the de facto expert on this topic. Today we cover the five ways to build trust with content marketing, the biggest mistakes most companies make regarding content marketing, and his latest book, "They Ask You Answer." I know you're going to love this talk, and you're going to learn a ton on today's edition of Grow My Revenue!

Listen to this episode and discover:
· Who has to be involved in your content marketing if you are to be ultra-successful?
· Why doing content marketing right means starting at the bottom of the sales funnel, not the top.
· What you can learn from CarMax.
· How to become a purple cow in your field, and why that's a good thing.
· What is the concept of the anti-persona?
· And so much more!

Episode Overview

Before we get into the five ways to build trust with your clients through content marketing, Marcus and I uncover the biggest mistakes businesses make regarding content marketing. Although Marcus says there are lot of missteps he sees, we talk about three in particular.*

Marcus gives an example from when he used to run a pool company, a company he is still a silent partner in today. He saw a lot of pool companies put out fluff pieces like 5 Fun Games to Play in Your Swimming Pool. The reason pieces like this don't work is because you don't know if the reader actually wants to buy a pool! They could be throwing a kid party at another pool somewhere and may not even be in the market to buy a pool.

But if you focus on swimming pool buyer-based questions, like "How much does a fiberglass pool cost?" and write a piece on that, you will get readers who are in the market to spend money on a pool.

After discussing the biggest mistakes in content marketing, we discuss into the top five things that move the needle and build trust with content marketing. These are all covered in Marcus' book "They Ask You Answer," and we briefly cover them on this episode.*

Also on today's show, Marcus and I talk about how to frame negatives in such a way that you can address them while keeping everyone in your company okay with that, specifics about what his latest book They Talk You Answer has to say about removing "elephants" in the room, and a simple strategy and activity that can revolutionize your relationship with customers. Tune in for all of that and more on today's Grow My Revenue with Marcus Sheridan.

*For full show notes and other resources, please visit: http://www.ianaltman.com/podcast/marcus-sheridan/

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