088 | Why F.I.T. is the Antidote to Pushy Selling

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We’ve all been on the receiving end of pushy, sleazy sales tactics that make us want to run for cover. It doesn’t feel good.

Nobody wants to be around a salesperson whose sole focus is to convince a prospect that they need what the salesperson is selling. Instead, buyers appreciate salespeople who know the kinds of problems they solve, and show an interest in learning about their clients’ problems to see if what they have is an appropriate solution. Genuine interest in your prospects' needs – as well as understanding that your solution is not suited for every problem – not only creates trust, it’s the foundation for future referrals.

And that’s what I talk about in today’s episode of Grow My Revenue: three core elements that will help you achieve greater business success when it comes to working with potential clients.

Plus, I'll share with you my F.I.T. strategy, as well as the specific questions you should be asking prospects to determine whether the two of you are indeed a good fit for each other. Listen in for those topics and more on this special solo edition of Grow My Revenue.

Listen to this episode and discover:

· What exactly F.I.T. is and how it can be used to ensure amazing results.
· Why you should be focused on the types of problems you solve and not the products or service you sell.
· Why everyone is not a good fit to work with you.
· The right way to ask for referrals.
· And so much more…

Episode Overview

In my many years in business, there’s one common mistake I see salespeople repeatedly make that prevents them from achieving the sales success they’re after. And that's this: rather than identifying and articulating the problems they’re good at solving, sales people spend all their time trying to convince prospects that their solutions are the best solutions. That’s a lousy strategy.

Effective sales is not about persuasion or coercion, it’s about getting to the truth as quickly as possible.

Today, I’ll show you a better approach to selling – the F.I.T. strategy – that “disarms” prospects and leads to better results. You'll learn:

· Why ‘persuasion’ sales tactics backfire.
· The types of questions you should be asking during sales conversations.
· What you’re doing to turn away ideal clients (you may not even realize it!) and what to do instead.
· The exact thing to say to referral sources or existing clients when asking for a referral.

When you listen in, you'll hear the kinds of questions that disarm prospects who may be thinking you’re just there to sell them something.
You'll also hear how the old methods of sales no longer work, and specific steps to take to have more productive, insightful sales conversations on this edition of Grow My Revenue.

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