125 David Kerr | Managing A Mobile Workforce Even When You Aren’t Mobile

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On today’s edition of the Grow My Revenue podcast, I speak with David Kerr CEO at Octiv.  David shares the biggest challenges in embracing a mobile workforce, change management and how we can help people embrace new technologies to get better at what they can actually do, and we'll talk about how you can use technology to allow you to be more responsive and to get better results with your clients.

“I think if everybody's not tied into some specific measurable targets,” he says. “it then is sometimes difficult to manage the performance (of employees) on that.”

Listen to this episode and discover:

- How to manage a mobile workforce.
- Why mobility is a top priority for companies and customers they serve.
- How you can boost productivity for your employees.
- Why it's so important to communicate about goals and objectives.
- What possible snags may come with app fatigue - and what it actually is.
And so much more…

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