178 | Winning Customers Away from Your Competition With Integrity - Part 2 of 2

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My guest this episode is Anthony Iannario. Anthony is a highly respected international speaker, bestselling author, and sales leader that specializes in helping B2B companies solve challenges in sales force management and performance.

In a two-part episode, Anthony & I discuss our sales and business philosophy. We also talk about dealing with competition, selling value versus price and opportunity ID and conversion. These two episodes with Anthony are packed for of valuable insight and knowledge about the B2B selling process. You're going to learn a ton from Anthony Iannarino.

Listen to this Part 2 of 2 and discover
> A new perspective on CRM processes
> The importance of Prep and practice in sales
> strategies for Linkedin
> Why ‘closing’ is the wrong approach in sales
> Insights from Anthony’s new book Eat Their Lunch
> Details about the 2nd Edition of Same Side Selling
> And much more...

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