193 | Conflict - Why You Shouldn't Avoid it, Liane Davey

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Best-selling author, Liane Davey, joins us to discuss her latest book, The Good Fight: Use Productive Conflict to Get Your Team and Organization Back on Track. Liane shares so much great information about why we need to change the image we have in our heads about what conflict can and should look like. Conflict is not only inevitable, it is actually necessary for business. According to Liane, if there isn't a conflict in your organization, you'd actually be worse off rather than better. On this episode, Liane shares what conflict means and provides a conflict code on how to approach conflict in order to reach good collaboration and outcomes. You're going to learn a ton from Liane Davey.

Listen and Discover
> Why conflict is actually good for innovation rather than bad.
> The difference between good conflict and nastiness.
> Tools and techniques you can use to make conflict productive in your organization.
> How measuring Conflict Debt can have a huge impact on your organization.
> And much more...

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