217 | The Secret to How One Company Grew 10 Fold, Raman Sehgal

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We’re joined by a repeat guest, Raman Sehgal, the founder and CEO of ramarketing. A few years ago Raman shared with us how he successfully doubled his business growth. Since that discussion, Raman has grown the business 10 fold! This case study episode highlights the biggest misconceptions when it comes to business growth and the specific things that Raman’s team did to help them focus on the right types of clients to accelerate their trajectory. We also dive into things that you can do in your business to achieve remarkable growth.

Listen and Discover
> Why it never works to chase any and all business.
> The impact of trying to be everything to everyone.
> How to disarm the notion so that you're not just there to sell something whether the client needs it or not.
> That all PR is not good PR.
> Why it’s essential to know the problems and value that you deliver for your clients.
> And much more...

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