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Alison Stratton is the coauthor of the new book that I absolutely love, called The Jackass Whisper, How to deal with the worst people at work, at home and online - even when the Jackass is you. Alison and her husband Scott are Jackass experts, co-authors of five best-selling business books, co-owners of UnMarketing Inc and co-hosts of not only The UnPodcast.

Jackasses are the purveyors of pet peeves - the people who bring irritations to our lives. Alison’s approach helps you become way more aware of the different circumstances where we have a choice about how we respond to someone that’s being a jackass and becoming aware of when we might actually be the jackass. All those little irritations that happened during our day, tend to suck the energy out of us. With Lisa’s help, we can have so more energy and be more kind to each other, freeing us to solve some of those bigger problems in our day.

You're going to learn a ton with Alison Stratton.

Listen and Discover

> Strategies for dealing with the worst people at work, at home and online.
> How to stop the spreading a negative attitude.
> Instead of complaining about something learn what should you do when something irritates you.
> Why the way you elect to complain is a function of whether you're seen as the jackass or whether it works out.
> The power of empathy, especially in business.
> And much more...

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