230 | Identify and Overcome Blind Spots, Likky Lavji

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I'm joined this week by Likky Lavji. Likky is an expert when it comes to finding and overcoming your blind spots. 

In this episode we talk about the greatest misconception when it comes to blind spots. How to identify yours and who to surround yourself with and who to exclude from that group. Plus the most common blind spots, and then how you can specifically overcome those by asking some really insightful questions.

I learned a ton. I hope you will too.

Listen and Discover
- Why we check our blind spot when we're driving, but not everywhere else in life.
- The power of a strong inner circle.
- The most common blind spots that we miss.
- The key questions to ask when you want to overcome blind spots.
- Why it's so important to listen to feedback - both positive and negative.

And much more...

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