Same Side Selling Podcast

On today’s episode, Ian discusses cold outreach and the differences exhibited between organizations that are able to succeed in the area, and the ones that fail miserably. Don’t miss the Cold Outreach Playbook Program on November 16th, which will walk you through all the steps required to be successful in cold outreach. Cold Outreach Playbook
On today’s episode, Ian Altman is joined by Mareo McCracken to discuss how you can be more successful by showing your prospective clients that you truly care about the problem they are trying to solve.
Ian Altman is joined by Claudia Williams, an executive leadership coach, to discuss positive intelligence and how it relates to leadership.
Today’s episode covers what separates the top performers from the people who just skate by. Ian discusses the importance of practice, not just whether you do it or not, but rather, what type of practice generates the greatest results
Today’s episode is what makes a good or not good internal sales meeting. This is something that happens routinely in businesses around the world. They gather their sales reps together, either in the same meeting room or in a Zoom room, or in a team’s room, and they go through the different opportunities that each…
On today’s episode, Ian Altman welcomes guest Jason Lapp from Beautiful.AI to discuss the biggest presentation mistakes you might be making.
Today’s episode covers hourly billing versus fixed price billing. Which one is right for your business? Ian Altman discusses the hidden traps that accompany hourly billing.
Today’s episode topic is why making more cold calls probably is not the answer to your problems. Instead, Ian Altman offers advice on how you can reach the right people that will get you more business.
It can be tricky to navigate connecting with potential clients on LinkedIn. On today’s episode of The Same Side Selling Podcast, Ian Altman and Meridith Elliott Powell discuss the do’s and don’ts of reaching out on LinkedIn.
Time is a precious commodity and no one wants to waste it pursuing the wrong client or deal. Join Ian Altman and Meridith Elliott Powell as they discuss what mistakes to avoid and how to know when you’re on the right track.