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Same Side Selling book

Are you tired of playing games with your customers?
The most widely used metaphors in sales are those related to sports, battle, or games. The challenge with this mindset is it requires that one person wins, and the other loses. Instead of falling victim to a win-lose approach, what if you shared a common goal with your potential client? How might things change if the client felt that you were more committed to their success than making the sale?

Same Side Quadrant Journal

Same Side Quadrant journal

Are you going on business dates or doing business?

Too many people think the purpose of a meeting is to make or at least advance the sale. In reality, your goal is to determine if there’s a fit!

The Same Side Selling Quadrant Journal helps you maintain focus on gathering the right pieces of information during a business meeting to determine if an opportunity is real or not real.


What Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT Can Teach About Selling

January 25, 2023

Although AI is a fast growing and useful tool when it comes to marketing and sales strategies, you can still fall into a common trap. Whether using Artificial Intelligence or learned sales strategies, you must make sure you are asking the right questions. In this week’s episode, I share with the key questions and strategies…

Lead Like A Recovering Addict with Michael Brody-Waite

January 18, 2023

While battling addiction, Michael Brody-Waite found himself at rock bottom and as a last ditch effort he went to rehab. During rehab Michael learned three key principles for recovering addicts, rigorous authenticity, surrender the outcome and do uncomfortable work. Michael used these principles to grow a very successful CEO, leader and author. In this episode,…

Why Do Deals Linger?

January 11, 2023

Are you stuck with delayed deals? Do you clients lack a sense of urgency to solve their problem? This is a common problem salespeople deal with when trying to finish a deal. However, you may be falling into a common trap when qualifying your leads that ends in a delayed deal. In this week’s episode,…

Stop Random Acts of Marketing with Karen Hayward

January 4, 2023

Why do customers buy from you? When trying to sell, you may be falling into the common trap of focusing on why your products or services are the best. No matter how good your product or services are, clients buy because of what problems they help solve for them. In this episode, I am joined…

What Bad Driving And Bad Selling Have In Common

December 30, 2022

What can bad driving and bad selling possibly have in common? During this episode, I share how these two correlate and what lessons can be learned from each. Join me in this episode as I discuss the best practices to increase your business growth and sales success. Looking for more guidance and support on handling…

Holiday Replay : Why Questions Are Most Powerful Than Facts In Sales

December 21, 2022

As salespeople, we get really excited when we have evidence of how well our product or service solves a problem. But often, our clients don’t buy into our facts as we expect. In this episode, I share a much more effective tactic you can use to connect with your clients and enrich the sales process.…