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Same Side Selling book

Are you tired of playing games with your customers?
The most widely used metaphors in sales are those related to sports, battle, or games. The challenge with this mindset is it requires that one person wins, and the other loses. Instead of falling victim to a win-lose approach, what if you shared a common goal with your potential client? How might things change if the client felt that you were more committed to their success than making the sale?

Same Side Quadrant Journal

Same Side Quadrant journal

Are you going on business dates or doing business?

Too many people think the purpose of a meeting is to make or at least advance the sale. In reality, your goal is to determine if there’s a fit!

The Same Side Selling Quadrant Journal helps you maintain focus on gathering the right pieces of information during a business meeting to determine if an opportunity is real or not real.


026 Robert Richman | What Makes a Successful Culture

February 1, 2016

Often when we talk about the success of a company we say “it’s their culture”. But what does that mean? What exactly is culture in a company and why is it so closely linked to the success (or failure) of an organization? Widely regarded as an expert on the topic of culture is Robert Richman,…

025 Your Three Biggest Sales Questions With Ian Altman

January 25, 2016

On this episode I delve into the three questions everyone keeps asking: (1) What do you do if you’re competing against an existing vendor? (2) How do you create a sense of urgency on the part of your client? (3) What about the issue of qualifying – how do you know if you’re addressing what…

024 Tallat Mahmood | How to Prepare Your Exit Strategy

January 18, 2016

When is the best time to start thinking about your business’ exit? 5 years ahead of time? 10 years? Our guest on today’s episode, Tallat Mahmood, explains when to start planning and how to do so most effectively. For the last 12 years Tallat has been working with small and medium-sized businesses to raise millions…

023 Bill Cates | How To Earn More Referrals

January 12, 2016

Growth is vital to any business, but if you want exponential growth to skyrocket your revenue referrals are key. So how do you get those referrals from your clients? Is it with high net promoter scores, by simply asking or is it something else? Our guest today has the answers. Bill Cates is the CEO…

022 The Sales Zone | How to Find and Attract the Right Sales Candidate

January 4, 2016

Sales is the lifeblood of any company so finding the right sales force is absolutely crucial to growing your revenue. But how do you find and attract the top candidates? The ones who will exceed your needs and be happy with their jobs? Here to answer those questions are Debbie Doak and Kim Cole of…

021 Jonathan Krinn | How to Embrace Innovation in Your Industry

December 25, 2015

Jonathan Krinn joins us to talk about innovation in any marketplace, how to create a culture of caring among your employees and what transparency has to do with being a successful leader of your team, no matter your industry.Jon Krinn joins us to talk about innovation in any marketplace, how to create a culture of…