BLOG: CC21-05

CC21-05-09 What If Your Manager Wants Daily Calls to Clients About a Deal
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CC21-05-08 What if Your Break-off Client Expects Same Pricing as Larger Affiliate

They are a spin-off of a larger company.. but they expect the same deal as their "big brother/sister."

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CC21-05-07 How to Handle A Client Who Lack Engagement to Get Results

What if the client isn't follow through with the things that will help them realize results?

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CC21-05-06 Same Side Selling Methodology

Here is a link to the Objection Clinic with the document... and it's attached here under Additional Resources, too.

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CC21-05-05 Is Your Non-Responsive Client or Prospect Worth Pursuing?

Ask yourself this: "If they were not already a client, how much time would you invest in getting them to become a client?" Or, are others a better use of your time?

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CC21-05-04 When Should You Measure Results After the Sale?

What is the right timing?

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CC21-05-03 How Do You Communicate That Website Tracking Told You to Call

It might seem creepy if you tell them that you are monitoring their activity.

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CC21-05-02 They Invited You to Give a Capabilities Briefing

How do you set expectations so you can take them through the quadrants?

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CC21-05-01 Use the Quadrants to Requalify an Old Opportunity

In this example, see how to use the quadrants to qualify an old opportunity where the client hadn't taken action. How do you know it'll be different this time?

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