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CC20-11-07 Excited Clients Are No Longer Interested
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CC20-11-06 Maintaining Clients and Communication with large numbers of clients

What lessons can you learn when you lose a client? How do you manage communication when you have hundreds of clients in your territory?

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CC20-11-05 Client Not Acting Despite HUGE Impact

What do you do when the client isn't making a decision, despite the fact that they impact to their organization is huge?

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CC20-11-04 Protecting Your Clients in Opportune Times

How do we protect our clients when our competition is really hungry for business?

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CC20-11-03 Helping Sell Ideas Up the Decision Chain

What if the contact person we're dealing with doesn't seem to understand or care about the real issue to the organization?

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CC20-11-01 Stop Convincing - Be Convinced

Avoid this common trap to focus on the right opportunities.

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CC20-11-02 Blocking Direct Client Access - and We Know our Exact Needs

Two scenarios Your contact is blocking direct access to the ultimate client. 2) Your contact is CONVINCED they know EXACTLY what they need (really?)

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