Are you coming up against objections and would like to learn how to handle them using the principles of Same Side Selling?

The Objection Clinics are designed to help you deal with the most common objections you’re likely to face, whilst making sure that everyone wins.

OC20-01 It’s Too Expensive – Pricing Pressure

What do you do when your client comes back and everything is great, but they say the price is too high? Here's how to alleviate pricing pressure and bring it back to results.

OC20-03 We Already Have An Existing Vendor | Client Vision Pyramid

What happens when they need the products and services, but they already have an existing vendor? Here is how the Client Vision Pyramid can help.

OC20-02 We Already Have An Existing Vendor | Competition Questions

What happens when they need the products and services, but they already have an existing vendor? Here are the key questions to ask about your competition.

OC20-04 Is Their Objection Really a Deal Killer?

What do you do when it seems that their objection can't be overcome? Here's how to use a technique called "The Fact" to find out if you can still work together.

OC20-05 They Went Silent – Ghosting

What happens when a prospect goes silent? Consider how you can follow up for their reasons, not yours.

OC20-06 They Just Want a Demo or Price – Now What?

When a potential client calls asking for a proposal, demo, or price, it might seem like a great opportunity. But, be careful!

OC20-07 Pricing Pressure – Stop-Swap-Trade

Pricing Pressure is very common - How can you better prepare to deal with it?

OE20-10 Coaching, Listening, and Advice Oh My! – Michael Bungay Stanier

Discover how to stay curious a bit longer to effectively coach your peers, employees, and yes... clients.

OC20-08 Urgency – Why Deals Stall

OC20-10 Use THE FACT to Overcome Impossible Situations

Sometimes you might run into an obstacle that seems impossible to overcome. The best person to overcome an objection is the person who raised it. This technique can help you uncover the truth and help your potential client to address their own concern.

OC20-11 Accelerate Date Decisions

OC20-12 Earning Attention – Virtually

OC21-01 Follow-up After Some Time Has Passed

How to follow-up with a potential client after some time has passed

OC21-02 Referrals

Discover how and when to ask for referrals from existing clients

OC21-03 Ask Questions Before Making Suggestions

OC21-06 Results Not Resources

OC21-08 Earning Referrals and Lessons

OC21-09 Which RFPs Are Worth Your Time