Core Lessons

Core Lessons

The CORE Lessons help you take a deeper dive into the core principles of Same Side Selling.

Objection Clinics

The Objection Clinics are a growing series of micro-lessons representing advanced topics.


S3A Preview

The S3A Preview demonstrates 2 CORE lessons and 1 Objection Clinic Lesson.


Growth During a Crisis

A 3-part course to evaluate, qualify, and communicate in a crisis.


Tutorials – How to use S3A

Brief video tutorials on how to use the Same Side Selling Academy

Coach’s Corner

Monthly recorded coaching sessions with Ian and members

Outside Experts

A collection of smarty-pants experts I know sharing their wisdom about a variety of topics.

Same Side Advisor Academy Logo

Same Side Advisor Academy

A concentrated 6-week program to earn attention and grow your practice aligned with clients' needs

Same Side Improv

Same Side Improv

A tool to practice real-world sales situations and reinforce skills

Iroquois Same Side Advisor Academy

Iroquois Mid-Market Academy

Same Side Selling Executive Academy Cohort

Executive Academy Cohort

Same Side Selling Executive Academy Cohort Sept 2021