Same Side Improv

As you'll experience, Same Side Improv is a practice tool to facilitate mastery of the Same Side Selling Methodology.

Within each lesson, there are three roles:

  1. The Salesperson
  2. The Client/Prospect
  3. An Observer

Each round should last roughly 10 minutes. Then you'll have a round of feedback for not more than 10 minutes. After each round, rotate roles. This means that within one hour, each person gets a turn at each role.

There are two lessons: 1- Secrets and 2- Skills.

The Secrets lesson is designed for you to navigate the Same Side Quadrants while the person playing the client/prospect takes on one or more of the secret attributes.

The Skills lesson is designed to help you practice individual plays/skills that are foundational concepts in Same Side Selling.

Select your lesson from the listing below or to the side (depending on your device and browser settings).


Add Group Goal

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