Objection Clinics

Are you coming up against objections and would like to learn how to handle them using the principles of Same Side Selling?

The Objection Clinics are designed to help you deal with the most common objections you're likely to face while staying on the Same Side.

How do I use them?

The Objections Clinics can be viewed in any order. You might find it helpful to use the search interface. For example, you might just search for existing vendor to find related topics that mention a specific term. Simply choose the scenario that best fits your current situation or refresh your skills as needed. Some people will watch them in order first and then refer back as needed.

New to Same Side Selling?

We definitely suggest that you complete the Core Lessons first if you are new to Same Side Selling. It will help to set a firm foundation that will enable you to get even better results and understanding from the objection clinics.

What other topics would be helpful?

We have more Objection Clinics to add to the list, but if you'd like to see an additional objection covered, please just submit any ideas using the Coach's Corner form at the bottom of the page. Nearly every objection clinic lesson is a direct result of a request from a member.

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