Playbook - Cold Outreach

Welcome to the Cold Outreach Playbook It's an intense program with pre-work and execution. We're going to cover a lot of ground. So let's get a few things done ahead of our time together, so we can cover more ground. Start with the pre-work by opening the pre-work lesson either by navigating to the Cold […]

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Same Side Improv

As you'll experience, Same Side Improv is a practice tool to facilitate mastery of the Same Side Selling Methodology. Within each lesson, there are three roles: The Salesperson The Client/Prospect An Observer Each round should last roughly 10 minutes. Then you'll have a round of feedback for not more than 10 minutes. After each round, […]

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Outside Experts

I've been fortunate to get to know some of the world's leading authorities on a variety of topics. Each Outside Expert lesson is a concise lesson taught by someone I have come to know as a master in their field. Each month, look for a new Outside Expert topic. If there are topics you'd like […]

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Coach's Corner

The monthly Coach's Corners are recorded, transcribed sessions with members where together we work through your own scenarios. These sessions give you an opportunity to get feedback directly from Ian to apply these concepts to your business.

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Tutorials - How to use S3A

These lessons illustrate the end-user experience and group management tools for the Same Side Selling Academy experience. If anything isn't 100% clear, please use the Coach's Corner below to ask questions or share feedback. Welcome! When you view the tutorials, just use the course navigation to go to the next video. Pick your lesson on […]

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Objection Clinics

Are you coming up against objections and would like to learn how to handle them using the principles of Same Side Selling? The Objection Clinics are designed to help you deal with the most common objections you're likely to face while staying on the Same Side. How do I use them? The Objections Clinics can […]

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Core Lessons

The CORE Lessons help you take a deeper dive into the core principles of Same Side Selling. The building blocks to getting on the same side with your clients If you've not attended one of Ian's Immersion programs or been exposed to Same Side Selling, we encourage you to start with the first CORE lesson […]

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